My fee is (still) US$45 per hour--the same as in February 2011 when my first website was set up. Do you think that’s too expensive? Well. . .at least one of my competitors (a company consisting of multiple persons) charges between $75 and $100 per hour. Furthermore, in the area of the United States where I live, plumbers, electricians, and automobile mechanics charge at least $60 per hour for their work, and medical doctors charge more than $100 for a 15-minute session (= $400 per hour).


Here are more details about what you should expect from me when you submit your manuscript:


(a) If you are a first-time client, I offer the first 30 minutes of editing time FREE. Then, at the end of that first half-hour, I will return the portion that I was able to edit within that time-period.


(b) If you are pleased with what you see that I have accomplished in 30 minutes and you would like for me to proceed with my editing to the end of the document, then you must pay--via PayPal--a deposit in the amount of $US100 as soon as possible after sending me an email that says, “Continue editing to the end of the manuscript.” When I receive your go-ahead message, I will instruct PayPal to send a “Request Money” email to you.


(c) At the end of the editing process, your $100 deposit will be credited toward the actual fee. 


(d) If the actual fee computes to less than $100, I will issue a refund (in the amount of the excess) via PayPal.


(e) The edited manuscript will not be returned to any client until I have received notification from PayPal that the actual fee has been received. 


* * *


Requiring a deposit has become necessary because I have been jilted [or cheated] twice by prospective first-time clients: (1) a person in Malaysia in February 2016 and (2) a person in Indonesia in December 2017. After viewing the results from my first 30 minutes of work (offered free), each of the aforementioned persons instructed me to proceed with my editing; however, both refused to pay my fee, claiming that they could not afford to pay the actual amount. Thus, I spent several hours of valuable time but received nothing for my work.


Most papers that I edit list more than one author in the by-line. Therefore, if you think that you cannot afford my fee, please consider asking your co-authors to share the cost with you. The fee doesn’t have to be divided equally; rather, it can be divided proportionally on the basis of each author’s contribution to the research project and the writing of the report.


* * *

For your information:


(1) PayPal charges me, as the recipient, 3.9% + US$0.30 for each transaction that involves an international currency exchange; whereas, domestic transactions (entirely in US dollars) are charged 2.9% + US$0.30. If you have a more efficient (and legal) alternative means to remit your payment, you may communicate with me about the possibility. However, please understand this:  I will NOT—under any circumstance—disclose my bank account number to any editing client. So, don’t bother to even suggest any alternative payment method that involves an electronic transfer directly into my bank account!


(2) Please be informed and remember that the time required to edit a manuscript is directly correlated to the number and the complexity of the necessary revisions. In other words: The weaker the English, the longer the correction time