What to Expect

(1) I will edit your text (words, phrases, sentences, punctuation, etc.) directly in Microsoft WORD. I will NOT revise any mathematical equations or formulas, but I must see all of them in their proper context. Frequently the text in tables, figures, captions, etc. requires correction, which will be done. In addition to correcting errors in grammar, syntax (word order), and diction (word choice, especially as related to formal versus informal vocabulary), I will eliminate redundancy (unnecessary repetition of words or phrases) and verbosity (more words than necessary) for the sake of conciseness of expression. The edited document will be Saved As <Edited by CJR-[a 5-digit serial number]—[Title].doc>.


 (2) My fees will be computed by the hour (plus fractional portion, as applicable); therefore, I will notify you by E-mail concerning the amount of time required to edit the first two or three pages of your manuscript. If you want her to proceed with the remaining pages, you should promptly reply in an E-mail containing the words “Continue editing” in the Subject line. However, if you do not want her to finish, your E-mail reply should contain the words “Discontinue editing” in the Subject line. If the editing is discontinued, the edited portion will be returned only if appropriate payment has been received for the work done. Very promptly after I receive your “Continue editing” email, I will instruct PayPal to bill you in the amount of US$100 as a deposit. Please refer to my “Fees” page for further details and explanation.


For first-time clients, I will give you the first 30 minutes of my editing time free! Whatever portion of the manuscript is completed within that half-hour will constitute an example of the type and scope of revisions to be expected in the remainder of the document, as well as a tangible means for you to estimate the total editing time. Please do not ask me to “estimate the total editing time,” for this task will be your responsibility as the applicant!


(3) If I have questions concerning what you are trying to express in any portion of your report, I will inquire by E-mail. Typically, I will offer at least two options for revision of an unclear or ambiguous passage. Such communication will be considered as “consultation(s)”; therefore, the time spent in composing such inquiry will be added to the actual editing time. (However, I seldom find it necessary to make this kind of inquiry.)


(4) When the editing process has been completed, I will promptly notify you by E-mail concerning the balance due in US Dollars. You must then remit your payment by PayPal. (Note: If you do not have a PayPal account, you can use a major credit card to pay PayPal.) When your payment has been received by PayPal and I receive confirmation thereof, the revised manuscript will be promptly returned to you by E-mail attachment.


(5) If, after careful reading of the corrected manuscript, you conclude that any brief portion of my revision does not express your intended meaning (but instead misrepresents), I will revise that passage at no extra charge, in consultation with you.