How to Apply

(1)      To apply for my editing service, your academic status should be at least one of the following:


(a)      A teacher (such as lecturer, instructor, assistant professor, associate professor, or full professor) employed full-time or part-time by a college or university,

(b)      A doctoral student, 

(c)       A master’s degree student, or

(d)      A researcher employed at an institute where research constitutes an important component of the mission of the organization (including research hospitals).


Note: The applicant should be the principal author of the manuscript.


(2)      Your manuscript should be prepared in Microsoft Word format. Be sure to include all tables & captions, figures & captions (graphs, illustrations, etc.), mathematical material (equations, formulas, etc.), citations and references.


(3)      Also download a copy of the stylesheet [guide for authors, instructions for authors, or other similar titles] from the website of your target journal. The stylesheet (by whatever name) is the document which prescribes how that particular journal expects you to prepare your manuscript with regard to format for content (arrangement of sections), citations, references, tables, figures, captions, etc., as well as minimum and/or maximum number of words (in some cases).


(4)      If your target journal requires a cover letter and/or any other accompanying statement(s) as part of the submission procedure, include each supplementary document in a separate MSWord file, as applicable.


(5)      Send your manuscript and supplementary documents as attachments in an E-mail addressed to . The Subject line should contain the words “Request for editing.” In the main text of your E-mail, please provide all of the following information:


(a) Your name,

(b) Academic status,

(c) Institutional affiliation and location, and

(d) Contact information.