Academic English Editing 
by Dr. Cheryl Rutledge

Hello and welcome to my website!


Are you required (or strongly “encouraged”) to submit a research report to an English-language international scholarly journal and successfully publish? (“Publish or perish?”)


Are you required to submit a thesis or dissertation in English as part of the requirements for a master's or doctoral degree? And/Or are you required to publish a journal article based on your thesis or dissertation research?


If English is not your native language, I can help you—especially if your native language is one of the Asian, East-European, or African languages.  (I can also help if English is your native language.)


Because . . .


For 24 academic years (1986-2010), I taught in colleges and universities in Taiwan; and for the last 20 of those 24 years, I taught English as a Foreign or Second Language. Furthermore, while working as an Associate Professor of English, I also edited scholarly articles written by university professors and graduate students from November 1993 to July 2010. Although most of the papers that I edited were in various engineering and business management specialties, I also edited articles from disciplines in the humanities and social sciences, as well as molecular biotechnology, chemistry, mathematics, physics, and zoology. My teaching experience included several courses in formal academic English and/or technical writing for Taiwanese graduate students at both master’s and doctoral levels, extending over a period of nine academic years. In August 2010 I officially retired from teaching. Then, early in 2011 I launched my website.


If you read my “About the Editor” page, you will notice that I hold three degrees in music, plus a minor in English at the master’s level. You might also wonder how a musician can edit engineering and other scientific papers. . . .Well. . ., just take a look at several examples of my editing that are posted on this website! “The proof of the pudding is in the eating thereof.”


To view examples of my actual editing work (with authors’ names and affiliations deleted), click here.